Teacup Linocut Print


Discover this magnificent linocut print, depicting a tellière inspired by Indian culture. Perfect for embellishing your kitchen or adding a touch of elegance to your coffee/tea area, this unique illustration is available in a single copy for each design. Printed on natural-colored paper from Montreal’s prestigious St-Armand stationery mill, renowned for its handmade papers, this work will captivate your eye.

1 single print

Paper Brown St-Armand Montreal
Dimension: 9.5 X 13 inches
Paper: Light brown
Color: Black print

Paper Beige St-Armand Montréal
Dimension: 9 X 11.5 inches
Paper : Beige
Color: Black print

Floral Printed Paper (Monet impressioniste) – This paper is not handmade
Dimension: 9.25 X 13.5 inches
Paper: Floral Monet Printed
Color: Black printing (Two spoons added – See photo).

Under the glow of the stars, the teacup reveals its mystical side. Each motif seems to whisper ancient secrets, while the steam rises like an invocation to the unknown. Between its walls lie forgotten stories, legends waiting to be awakened by a simple infusion.