Emeralde Art Market & Kiosk

Emeralde Art Kiosk

Tanya Dolbec began her entry into the markets in 2020. She is now very involved in this community as an artist. She also created the Marché Création in 2021 with her partner William L’Archevêque to support local artists in their sales efforts and to encourage the purchase of local art. 

Previous Markets

  • Marché du Crépuscule Autumn 2021 
  • Marché de Léon Winter 2021 
  • Marché Création Winter 2021
  • Marché Artisanal Montréal Spring 2022 
  • Salon de la passion médiéval Spring 2022
  • Marché Création Spring 2022
  • Marché du Crépuscule Spring 2022
  • WitchPlease Summer 2022
  • Marché Coop Causs Verdun Summer 2022
  • Festival Illusion Summer 2022
  • Pop-up Vintage Artisanal Summer 2022
  • Marché du Crépuscule Premium Outlets Mirabel 2022
  • WitchPlease Montréal October Edition 2022
  • Marché du Crépuscule Halloween 2022
  • Loko Éphémère Granby Winter 2022
  • Marché du Crépuscule Winter 2022
  •  Marché Création Winter 2022
  • Maleficarum Market Montréal Winter 2023
  • Crystal Dreams Laval Winter 2023
  • LUPAQUEERLIA Casa Dharma & Crépuscule Market Winter 2023

Next Events

Emeralde Art Products

  • Bouquet of dried flowers
  • Bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Pendulum
  • Floral hair accessory
  • Floral hat
  • Floral wreath
  • Wall wreath
  • Magic bottle
  • Floral bell
  • Burnt grass
  • Spell bottle pendant
  • Ritual candle with herbs
  • Floral chart
  • Botanical watercolor illustration
  • Magic bag
  • Bath salt with flowers
  • Custom watercolor sun chart
  • Herbal tea with flowers and herbs
  • Naturally dyed clothing

The artist behind the creations

Tanya Dolbec is a multidisciplinary artist and independent photographer. Her passion for the arts is based on desire, instinct and a strong desire to create through different practices. 

Graduated in choreography (2017) and video editing (2021), she continues her research in movement and is enriched by several trainings in cinema and image analysis. In 2018, she forged her artistic thought and identity under the name Lumière Noire. Choreographer to this day, Lumière Noire continues to feed her choreographic creations through cinema in the form of performative installations.

For the past two years, she has been diving deeper into her spiritual practice and discovered floral art. She then created her Etsy store Emeralde Art where she now makes several tools for witchcraft use and decorative and ornamental artworks.

Photos Credits (models) : Florence Sylvestre, Vicki Lyra, Karine Letourneux & Châtelaine Côté-Rioux