Lumière Noire

« Clarity is not born from what we imagine being clear, but from what we become aware of the dark. » -C. Jung

Lumière Noire (Tanya Dolbec’s artist name), a native of Quebec, began her entry into art by practicing dance and painting. She completed several training courses that culminated in a bachelor’s degree in choreography at the Université du Québec à Montréal. It was then that she defined her choreographic aesthetic and her artistic thought, influenced by two philosophers: Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustave Jung. Her aesthetic is then called Black Light until today. Always passionate about the visual arts, she focused her attention during her dance studies on photography and video.

Collaborating with several dance artists and musicians, she then developed her desire to produce performative installations. Her research in movement led her to a whole new universe where the camera became the body of the creation. Having enriched her skills in art analysis, semiology, telepresence and cinema, she oriented her career towards video and photography from 2016 to 2021 where she perfected her aesthetic through various artistic projects.

To date and for more than 2 years, she has been immersed in a deep photographic research through her cinematographic inspirations and she created her project Emeralde Art where she now makes floral artworks. Tanya Dolbec now promotes her floral art not only through her floristry services, but also by selling her products on Etsy, in local boutiques and in several local artisan markets. In 2021, she and her partner William L’Archevêque founded the Creation Market where they set up various artisan markets to encourage the buying and selling of local art and community gathering.

Choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Tanya Dolbec is currently self-employed in several artistic fields and offers services in photography and floristry.

A movement artist, she now deploys her art with the goal of reaching individuals through accessibility and sensitivity to her environment.