Lumière Noire

« Clarity is not born from what we imagine being clear, but from what we become aware of the dark. » -C. Jung

Lumière Noire (artist name of Tanya Dolbec), originally from Quebec, begins her journey into the world of art through dance and painting. She completes various training programs that culminate in earning a bachelor’s degree in choreography from the Université du Québec à Montréal. It is at this point that she defines her choreographic aesthetics and artistic philosophy, influenced by two philosophers: Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. Her aesthetic is then articulated under the name Lumière Noire up to the present day. Always passionate about visual arts, she directs her focus to photography and video during her dance studies.

Collaborating with several dance artists and musicians, she then develops her desire for production in performative installations. Her research into movement leads her to an entirely different realm where the camera becomes the body of creation. Having enriched her skills in art analysis, semiotics, telepresence, and cinema, she directs her career towards video and photography from 2016 to 2021, perfecting her aesthetic through various artistic projects and event organization.

Her artistic journey evolves over time, fueled by a thirst for knowledge. She delves into the study of various fields, from cinema to video editing, extending to studies in spirituality. In 2023, Lumière Noire adds a new chapter to her story by publishing an innovative book and oracle in the field of photography, offering an original and inspiring perspective on her art.

However, Lumière Noire is defined by much more than her diverse creations. She embodies a creative intention that has guided each step since her beginnings: movement. This concept has always been at the core of her journey, transcending the boundaries between different forms of artistic expression. As a craftsman, florist, choreographer, painter, photographer, videographer, and performer, Lumière Noire shares her art with a simple yet powerful objective: to touch individuals, awaken their sensitivity to nature and their inner spirit. Lumière Noire, an artist who uses her captivating work and personal reflection to invite everyone to explore the complexities of the human soul.