Black top «the heart of the spoon»

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This stretchy top is designed for comfort and style. Made from a soft, stretchy fabric, it hugs the curves of your body perfectly. On the front, you’ll find a charming linocut motif: a spoon delicately placed at the heart. A nod to tea lovers and the coquettish aesthetics of Spain or Brittany, this top embodies both conviviality and elegance.

Versatile and adaptable, this top blends harmoniously with any style, whether classic, gothic or something in between. Wear it with a flowing skirt or leather pants, adding a touch of originality to any outfit. Perfect for all occasions, this top is a true all-rounder, ideal for expressing your personality while remaining comfortable all day long.

Size: Medium
Dimensions: 30 X 24 inches
The model is medium-sized
Fabrics: unknown synthetic / stretch
Print : white
*This garment comes from thrift stores and was hand-printed

In the context of Brittany and British aesthetics, the spoon can take on rich and varied connotations. In British culture, it often evokes the art of afternoon tea, with its elaborate ritual and convivial atmosphere. Associated with values such as politeness, refinement and tradition, the spoon embodies the very essence of British hospitality. In Brittany, where there are also British influences, the spoon can symbolize the connection between the two cultures, as well as a love for life’s simple pleasures, such as sharing a good cup of tea or enjoying a relaxing moment with friends. In short, the spoon, in this context, becomes a symbol of conviviality, tradition and cultural exchange, reflecting the harmony between two distinct but connected worlds.

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