Brugmansia - Angel trumpet - Linocut

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Linocut of the Brugmansia flower, nicknamed the angels’ trumpet. A highly toxic flower with a unique and peculiar character that causes strange, dark hallucinations, but was once a method used in medicine. This unique specimen therefore has a dual identity: healing and harmful.
The print is handmade by the artist and only a few copies are available, giving the work authenticity and rarity.

1 single printout

Size: Approx. 13 x 16 inches

  • please note that the color of the work may vary slightly between red and orange

Brugmansia flowers, native to South America, have a fascinating history. These flowers, formerly known as Floripondio, were renowned for their powerful hallucinogenic properties and deadly potency. Consumption can lead to hallucinations, delirium, incoherence and even loss of consciousness. Despite their unpleasant hallucinogenic symptoms, Brugmansia have been used in rituals and traditional medicine for a very long time.

These flowers, bearers of an ancestral heritage, testify to the richness of tradition and the deep connection between humanity and the plant kingdom. Their evanescence underscores the importance of preserving biological and cultural diversity.
to continue exploring the wonders of nature with curiosity and respect.

Despite their bewitching aura, Brugmansia remind us of the need to understand plants in their entirety, appreciating both their beauty and their therapeutic potential.