1 artist
20 employees
47 photo shoots
21,186 photographs
1,354 retouched images
54 oracle cards

What is an oracle?

An oracle is a collection of cards, similar to a tarot deck. The tarot is used for divination purposes, while the oracle is used as a guide, to help perceive events and support life’s experiences. This collection, known as a deck, is designed to help the person drawing the cards. A bit like calling on our best friend for comfort.

After a total of 47 different photo shoots for a total production of 21,186 photographs, 1,354 were selected for retouching, while only 54 photographs were chosen for the oracle.

Project philosophy

The production of these cards is above all a sharing between artists and an encounter between nature and humanity. This project is not just a production, but an experience in itself.

The priority of the cards is to promote an ideology based on the body’s connection with the elements of the earth (water, earth, air, fire). The production is inspired by nature and the wild state of the human being. The models were photographed in nature, where each element is highlighted according to the concept and symbolism of each card.

I also want to offer a realistic vision of the natural body, rather than an idealized, fantasized image of the portrait (like most of today’s commercial photography).

The artist

The artist, Tanya Dolbec, is a multidisciplinary creator who has been working on this photographic production for over a year. Prioritizing creation according to the foundations of total art, she is not only the photographer for this project, but also the director, producer, make-up artist, costume designer, graphic artist, writer, designer and more. Being alone in this production, despite the help of many volunteers, Tanya had to wear all the hats to make this dream come true.

20 models, interpreters and assistants took part in the photo shoots on a voluntary basis. Their work was exceptional, and it’s thanks to them that the project was able to come to life.

Assistant photographer, graphic designer, web developer and model

William L’Archevêque

Make-up artist and model
Florence Sylvestre

Make-up assistant
Marilou Laverdure

Models and performers in contemporary dance
Pamela Aubé
Châtelaine Côté-Rioux
Ariane Demers
Vicky Gélineau
Julie Villeneuve
Natacha Viau
Emilie-Claude St-Amour Maillé

Karine Letourneau
Léonie Cloutier
Mélina Chatagneau
Romane Hébert-Moreau
Vicki Lyra
Charles Schutt-Kimpton
Valérie Adams
Delphine Durand-Roy
Alexandra Carrière
Laure-Élie Michaud
Cristina Birri

Header photo / Model: Natacha Viau