The sunflower angel


Sunflower angels, like graceful fairies, breathe courage and protection into souls, watching over tireless workers and flower lovers with a glow of warmth and perseverance.

The print is handmade by the artist and only a few copies are available, giving the work authenticity and rarity.

1 single print

Size: 11.15 X 16.5 inches paper / printed work 9 X 12 inches
Paper: Standard black card stock
Color: White printing

The sunflower angels reveal themselves like delicate fairies, their pure eyes hidden among the golden fields. Their magic envelops souls, instilling the bravery needed to face the deepest darkness. They offer confidence and strength to counter those who do us harm, acting as guardians of foragers and the hard-working souls who cherish flowers. They embody the benevolent warmth of the sun and the perseverance of bees, symbols of hard work and radiant beauty.