Convallaria Majalis - Lily of the valley - Linocut


Convallaria Majalis flower linocut is a unique work representing the flower in a negative image format. This magnificent flower, poisonous in its entirety, represents an energetic force and exceptional power.
The print is handmade by the artist and only a few copies are available, giving the work authenticity and rarity.

Available in two colors

1 single printout

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Convallaria majalis, also known as lily of the valley, is a strikingly beautiful flower with deep symbolism and a rich history. Native to Europe, this delicate flower has survived the centuries as the silent witness of many beliefs and legends.

The lily of the valley has long been associated with Christianity, carrying with it the weight of the Virgin Mary’s tears. This spiritual connection gives her a sacred aura, reminiscent of the compassion and gentleness of the divine mother. Yet behind this enchanting appearance, Convallaria majalis hides a dark secret. All parts of this flower are extremely toxic, containing fearsome poisons. However, its medicinal potential has been exploited in the past. It was used to treat heart problems, thanks to its ability to influence the heartbeat by slowing it down.

Unfortunately, the consequences of accidental ingestion are devastating. Symptoms include vomiting, loss of vision, abdominal pain and slowing of the heart. This poisonous plant was even used as an antidote to poison gas during the First World War, thanks to its ability to slow down the human heartbeat.

The lily of the valley carries with it an obscure legend that has endured down the centuries. Once, this flower bloomed in all seasons, but one day it fell in love with a woodland bird that enchanted the forest with its marvellous melodies. Shy and unable to express his love, the lily of the valley could only watch the bird fly away from the forest. Heartbroken, she stopped blooming at that very moment. Since then, it only blooms again in May, when the bird faithfully returns to the forest each spring, rekindling the hope of a lost love. Lily of the valley, with its delicate beauty and deep mysteries, embodies an intriguing duality. On the one hand, it represents fragility and innocence, while on the other, it carries deadly poison and dark legends. This flower has captivated minds for centuries, leaving in its wake an aura of mystery and wonder for those who dare approach it.