«Witch's knife» burgundy tank top


This elegant and very comfortable top with velvet collar is a perfect choice for lovers of refined style and mystery. Embellished with a linocut depicting a witch’s knife on the back, it adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Ideal for matching with jeans or a skirt, this top is a must-have for witches who appreciate the velvet and elegance of burgundy.

Size: Medium/Large
Dimensions: 32 Width X 23 Length inches
The model is a medium size
Material: Stretch cotton – velvet collar and sleeve cuffs
Color: burgundy
Printing : White
* This garment is recycled and comes from a thrift store.

The witch’s knife, a mystical and enigmatic symbol, embodies power and magic. Used in esoteric rituals, it represents the tool of transformation and protection for practitioners of the occult arts. Its sharp blade and enigmatic allure captivate the imagination, making the witch’s knife an object charged with mystery and power.

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