Pendant Magic Bottle "The Opening"


The miniature magic bottles in necklace are perfect amulets. This bottle spell that you can wear as jewelry offers a form of emotional, physical, psychic or spiritual support to your soul. Wear this one in your daily life to be fully enriched by the power of the plants that constitute it.

The small bottles are made of glass and filled with real dried flowers and small crystals. A wax is then poured on the bottle before turning it into a necklace.

This tool has been purified before its use and is not energetic before. This is the perfect gift for anyone who needs help and support of any kind.

Material :

  • Kyanite
  • Sage
  • Blue Wax
  • Black Rope

Magic Powers:

  • Third eye opening
  • Spirituality
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Purification

* Caution, do not submerge the object under water.