Green eucalyptus handmade paper


Two sheets of handmade paper in a beautiful dark purple hue. Its grainy texture adds character, and it’s filled with delicate eucalyptus leaves. Inside, pieces of recycled brown paper add an exceptional touch.

  • Dimensions: 10 x 14 inches
  • Unique product (only 2 sheets available as a single copy)
  • This pack contains two sheets
  • It’s advisable not to use an eraser too vigorously, as the paper remains delicate.
  • The paper base is made from card and watercolor paper.
  • This sheet is thick enough to absorb water and ink, making it a perfect choice for ink writing.
  • This paper is perfect for a wide range of uses such as :
    1. Write personal letters or notes: Handmade paper adds a touch of originality and personality to your correspondence.
    2. Create greeting cards: Handmade paper adds a unique dimension to your cards for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions.
    3. Making invitations: If you’re organizing a special event, invitations on handmade paper will add a touch of elegance and authenticity.
    4. Making origami: Handmade paper can be used to create intricate, aesthetically pleasing origami, bringing to life animals, flowers and many other shapes.
    5. Make bookmarks: Use handmade paper to create unique bookmarks that add an artistic touch to your reading.
    6. Create works of art: Handmade paper can be used as a canvas for your drawings, paintings or collages, allowing you to express your creativity.
    7. Embellish photo albums: Use handmade paper to add decorative pages to your photo albums, creating a unique visual effect for your memories.
    8. Make envelopes: Use handmade paper to create envelopes to match your letters or cards, adding a personalized touch to your correspondence.
    9. Make decorations: Use craft paper to create garlands, stars or other decorative elements to embellish your home or for festive occasions.
    10. Give as a gift: Handmade paper makes an original and thoughtful gift in its own right. You can also use it to wrap gifts and make them even more special.