Hoddie Camping Lovers


Explore our deep green cotton fleece, a perfect marriage of comfort and casual style. Adorned with a mosquito print on the front and a graceful brugmansia on the back, this piece combines originality and botanical elegance. Lightweight and robust on the inside, this garment is ideal for camping, festivals or cool days out on the town. Its loose, all-purpose cut suits every figure, offering a relaxed, comfortable silhouette in any season.

Size : Large
The model is medium-sized
Dimensions: 44 X 23 X 17(sleeves) inches
Material: Cotton and polyester
* This garment is recycled and comes from a thrift store.

This wadded cotton is designed to be your ideal companion for outdoor escapades. Lightweight and warm, it keeps you comfortably wrapped up on chilly nights around the campfire. With its casual styling and sturdiness, it’s perfect for tackling camping adventures while remaining comfortable and fashionable.

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