High-waisted skirt «Witches Knifes»


Discover our unique and bewitching high-waisted skirt, adorned with a delicate print of a witch’s knife at the hem. This skirt is the perfect choice to add a mystical touch to your outings. Designed to perfectly match the curves of your body, it flatters every figure, from the slimmest to the fullest. Its high cut ensures optimum support and unrivalled comfort. Make a statement with this distinctive piece that combines elegance and originality.


Size: Small/Medium – Size 6
The model is a medium size
Dimensions: Waist 30 inches, Bassin 40 inches, Length 23 inches
Fabrics: Synthetic
Print : White
* This garment is recycled and comes from a thrift store.

The witch’s knife, a mystical and enigmatic symbol, embodies power and magic. Used in esoteric rituals, it represents the tool of transformation and protection for practitioners of the occult arts. Its sharp blade and enigmatic allure captivate the imagination, making the witch’s knife an object charged with mystery and power.

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