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Spell Bottle «Human relations»


Magical pastel pink bottle. Useful to help you in your human relations.

Magic bottles are spells. They are guides for everyday life.
Place the bottle in a place where you will be most at home. The power of the bottle will act on you and have its effect on the environment.

Dried flowers are placed inside with a special intention for each spell and each bottle. The wax is poured by incantation on the bottle to give it a particular energy. The bottle is then purified under the light of the moon.

There is only one copy of each bottle. This one was created during the new moon in Sagittarius.

Please note that these spells are not remedies. They are a spiritual tool that offers support.

Magic powers & attributes : Strength, purification, confidence, love and team spirit

Wax color: Light pink

Dimensions: 6 X 3 inches approximately

*Please note that the colors of the image may differ slightly from reality