Black top «The British Spoon»

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This 100% linen tube top combines comfort and style with flair. Ultra-stretchy, it adapts perfectly to all sizes, from medium to XL, offering a flattering, fitted silhouette. The high-quality linen fabric ensures a pleasant feel on the skin, ideal for comfortable wear all day long.

On the front, a delicate British-style spoon print adds a touch of charm and originality. This cute and sophisticated detail makes this top a perfect choice to complete any outfit, whether for a casual outing or a special occasion.

Versatile and chic, this simple yet elegant tube top will quickly become a wardrobe staple, ready to enhance your style for any occasion.

Size: Medium
The model is a medium size
Dimensions: 30 X 12.5 inches Tube (with strap adjustable to any size)
Fabrics: 100% Black Linen
Print : White
* This garment is recycled and comes from a thrift store.

The spoon is a rich and varied symbol in many cultures. It represents both simplicity and generosity, being an essential daily tool for sharing food. In the British context, a teaspoon evokes the elegance and tradition of afternoon tea, symbolizing conviviality and refinement. In general, the spoon can also be seen as a symbol of nourishment, care and community, reminding us of the importance of simple, caring gestures in our daily interactions.

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